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Experience a life-changing process to give your life greater direction, vitality and purpose. Developed in 1966 by Dr. Ira Progoff, our nationally-recognized program has helped 175,000 people lead more fulfilling lives. Discover resources and possibilities you could not have imagined. The Intensive Journal® method can be your honest friend in the creative process of shaping your life.

Offering the first two workshops of a series (LC-Life Context and DC-Depth Contact, combined LE-Life Experience). Take only one, or take both. Social workers and counselors may earn CE credits (11 client contact hours) for each workshop attended. See the weekend schedule below.

Award-Winning Book
by Dr. Ira Progoff

Describes the Intensive Journal® exercises and principles. Award-Winning Book by Dr. Ira Progoff. Selected as one of the 65 most significant books on psychology & spirituality of the 20th century. Source: Common Boundary, “Simply the Best,” Jan.-Feb., 1999. If you do not already down a copy, you can purchase it from Amazon, many other online stores or your local bookstore. The accompanying workbook will be provided at the workshop.

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Howard Johnson Hotel Victoria

310 Gorge Road East
Victoria BC Canada V8T 2W2
Telephone: 250.382.2151
Toll Free: 1.800.952.2151


At the time of booking, be sure to mention ‘Intensive Journal®‘ to receive the discounted group!

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